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What is Write On’s beta reading process?

Our process was created to ensure that you receive your money’s worth when you chose us to be a part of your writing journey. When we say quality, we really mean it, our beta reading is conducted in two stages—the first read through for key takeaways and overall impression, and a second, more in-depth read through, where we spend more time on in-text feedback.

What genre do you specialize in?

We accept manuscripts of all genres. If we have any concerns regarding our ability to provide valuable feedback on your particular genre, we will let you know!

What is included in the comprehensive summary?

Our comprehensive summary will include Write On’s beta reader’s overall impression, voice/direction, the negatives and positives of the manuscript.

What should I expect for my in-text feedback?

Satisfaction. That and comments on parts that stood out (the good and the bad).

How does the principal character(s) analysis differ from your comprehensive summary?

The principal character(s) analysis goes in detail about the development of the protagonist and antagonist and their likability in the manuscript (if applicable). Character creation and development drive the major plot points, thus we feel it is important to offer this service in our Tier 1 and Tier 2 options. The comprehensive summary will include feedback on the characters but will lack the specificity/details included the principal character(s) analysis.

What is the point of the one-hour video chat?

The one-hour video chat will be conducted within the one-week frame of the customer’s receipt of our notes. This timeline is not flexible because of our regulation on discarding our customers’ manuscripts after the completion of service. Given any lingering questions/concerns after your perusal of our notes, we want to be there to answer those questions and provide you with more guidance in your writing journey.

Do you keep submitted manuscripts?

Absolutely not! Your work is your own and we plan on keeping it that way. Manuscripts will be discarded after your receipt of Write On’s beta reading notes. We will hold onto the manuscript notes for ten days in the rare case that an error occurred in the final exchange. After that, all manuscript copies will be deleted from our end.

Why should I choose Write On?

Our final sale pitch: Paying for our service means paying for quality feedback on your writing. Our business depends on our customers and the only way we can succeed is to provide the best service experience for you.

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